If you have already bought The Book of Noise and are just now ready to listen, or have already listened, don't judge me by the first folder MAKINA. It's me trying to come up with sort of a made up machine techno genre. Here are the inserts for that album featuring some art even from the 2000 era. The best album is next, however, The Noise Diaries.

The Noise Diaries is a collective of guitar tracks I had made from 2001-2004 featuring mostly rehashed guitar I had used in a band I was part of that I made up. None of it was previously ever recorded, so I figured I'd try out some differing genres and do whatever I wanted with it. The result I'm pretty proud of. Though some songs could have used some more to them, I think all in all it is a pretty good compilation. One the subject of good tracks, the next folder, Forgone is basically Makina's bonus disc, since it's the only one with just one disc. This features my absolute favorite song I have ever recorded, entitled "Smashing Through."

The next six discs worth of material, 3 albums, make up The Absynthium Collection. This features OMNIUM, CONTINUUM I AND II, and DELIRIUM. These were started around 2005-2006ish and consist of various years following. I began my synth programming using the software Orion in 2005 and making game soundtracks in college. A lot of these tracks were used on the next big five hour collection, The Project Warlock Original Soundtrack. This is on the third and final disc of the collection, which was free for PC players, but didn't quite make it to the console DLC. Now all can enjoy! If you'd rather, consider this album the soundtrack with tons of freebies.