About The Author

I've had a lot of website attempts over the years with slow-building content that I have never finished and kept starting over. Though this site itself isn't finished, I plan on keeping it. Now with plenty of content and my wife's art, I have sort of a responsibility I've set out to finish. I actually have some fans now, in the independant gaming community, which is crazy cool. For a few old site versions to peruse, there is the Fabulous site, the Retrocade site, and the completely bare VHS page. Oh, and VHS2 The reason this might take some time is due to hours of being a workaholic at the United States Postal Service, but that definitely helps me in getting gear and software plugins.

In fact, after just one year of being back at the USPS, I have already been promoted to Supervisor. Aside from paying the bills and the house payment, I have some hobbies I like to keep up with. Web design is of course on of the main ones even though it becomes a chore sometimes.


I fill all of my media with stuff of course, but I like the looks of a lot of it. I still have floppy disks I decorate or have my wife decorate. I store documents and other small files on Zip disks, which started out holding 100 megabytes, while later versions held 250 or 750 megabytes. This is still under one gigabyte. A lot of old dos games with my high school tables and gamesaves. As far as optical media goes, I use cd-r's still for small mostly-music-related files and audio tracks. I burn movies to dvd and use dual layer dvds for data backup (and higher quality multiple movies). Now, however, I use blank blu-ray discs as my primary storage which hold 25 gigabytes if single layer or 50 gigabytes if dual layered. There are also 100GB versions but I haven't bought any (yet). Along with floppies and zips for magnetic media, I have a blank 8-track tape I wish to figure out how to fill with stuff cheaply someday just for the hell of it (but probably not) and over a hundred tapes boxed up and some on my cassette rack that I'm figuring out what to display on. Unfortunately I sold old atari 2600 and nintendo games as well as true copies of MOST of my dos games on floppy at a yard sale, but emulation is fun, and I can always find disk images to copy. Personalizing zips and floppies with weird names, as you can see, is what I had done since the beginning of owning/sharing a computer in 1994.

I use generic and some not so generic digital audio workstations that were state of the art in the day when I started, but probably should take a stab at trying new things. I feel that if something isn't broke, you should just keep using it until it is. I've made coherent music since age four on the piano and listened to classical all the time in the womb. I've had a lot of different cheap and not so cheap brands of keyboards growing up that I had messed around with. Usually for fun until after I picked up guitar in the seventh grade and my high school band noose divided after I moved. I then had a computer to basically do it all on, with a bit of practice on different types of software. I stuck with ORION and ACID for the largest period of time.

was out at a garage before we put in for a house recently, back when we stayed there for a bit. I was going to order a premade shed and move it later, but I'm kind of a jackass about things like that, so my dad and I partitioned the garage together so I could use a fourth as an office and studio. This was actually right after Project Warlock, and right before little bastards known as raspberry ants aka crazy ants I just learned about (because they already happened) flooded my electronics, all that were still plugged in, and ruined my mancave for good. That being said, rest in peace, Mancave No. 1!

I paint notes but I don't actually need to play the keyboard anymore. I know how, I just opt not to. Do you know what is better than one or two hands on a keyboard in a live recording? A preprogrammed piano roll synth orchestra of about twenty or more melody synth lines/instruments and drum synths layered into acid with guitar and even more chopped up drums added, ambience, sound effects, and a personal ten minute mixing session. While in college, I experimented heavily with new interfaces because I guess my music was too heavy for the games I wanted to make soundtracks for. What I wanted was basically advanced mario paint for adults that sounded like Nintendo or COULD sound like Nintendo. Then I found and fell in love (it was a process, I didn't just rush into things) with Synapse Audio's ORION.

And when I am at work or elsewhere and I get ideas, which I do ALMOST ALL OF THE TIME when my mind is on overdrive, I've been keeping (since 2010) small pocket-sized leather journals and am up to #139 as of November 2020. If I am not mistaken, they are 3.5" by 5" journals. These journals as well as my larger more normal looking journals house notes, ideas, music plans, lyrics, web design, game ideas, reminders, doom levels, work notes, and completely off the wall random stuff sometimes. I do have a pricey $60 journal handmade out of leather and ancient-looking paper (300 sheets of it) 8" x 11" tank of a journal my wife got me I want to use for pre-printed stuff either layed in or taped in someday in some paticular order and always of upmost importance. I'll hide this thing or make it a centerpiece on a shelf or something. It's THE journal in my future days. I don't want to mess it up. I may just use it to archive important already existing journal pages, with scotch tape. Since I really don't feel like travelling out to the garage right now that second screenshot should be a good enough representation fo the 138 pocket journals.

From vinyls to tapes to cds to mp3s, you'll find a LOT of different genres in my music collections. Ranging from the majority of alternative and grunge from the 90's, there is also some newer Dandy Warhols (pictured left), Beck (so many genres), Fear Factory (metal), Mid-career KMFDM (industrial), Nine Inch Nails (still making music, currently on halo 35). If you would like to hear some samples, I compiled or am compiling a seperate website named after a Dandy Warhols classic "Grunge Betty Mixtapes".

Ever since 1994 when my family got their first computer, a 486 Packard Bell, I've been playing dos games. You know, the kind that came on floppy disks through mail order once you bought the shareware! DOOM is the most significant and what's funny is I wouldn't have bought the full games had it not been for the level editors. I was more interested in Corncob 3-D (for the same reason), Nitemare 3-D, Wolfenstein, Quake, Duke Nukem 1-3, Paganitzu, and other such shareware-to-full version upgrades. I still am slightly active in the doom world community, still occasionally mess with level editing, and hope in the future to run a doom library megasite which I plan on actually finishing. I owned the id anthology, the 2 SAMS Publishing level design books, and a lot of other stuff from the day and stuff I backdated and bought from then recently.