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Welcome to my website, pieced together with scrap projects from over the years and colored sketches my wife did for me to use here. This whole bottom area will just be a section for quicklinks to the content summed up without too many details. When I first made sites in like 1994 right when we got the internet for the first time up to around 2005, my focal point wasn't music. Generally it has been Doom.

On the subject of Doom, here is my seperate site for that now. It will eventually feature a full finished final version of a work in progress, the Classic Doom Megasite Project. It will basically be a portal of everything about the classics from info to unreleased assets to megawads and the best of the best mods and even resources. From what I remember of my very first website, I had doom wads and links. The wads were bad, so it was a pretty shitty site, but hey, I made a site!

It wasn't until I finished the entire HTML book in college in one day and made a website in the other 9 class sessions that I finally made the focus of them my music. became a thing I found out about later, and is the host of most of my stuff. You can pay nothing for it or name a price and support me.

My most recent non-redux album is PLUGGED and was recorded in one month, July 2021. Shortly after I started a new music series redoing everything and sprinkling in new tracks and outtakes to create a full numbered everlasting "Noisebox 1." The first four are ready and out, Sweet Sombriety - Maladaptive Humanoid - Smashing Through - and Phenomaly. Soon will be two remix albums, two makina albums, and two more machine music albums to go with it, then it's all new stuff for the noise vaults from here on out.

On the other end of the coin are the synth tracks. This makes up the Absynthium Collective. You can name your price, or steal, the original 6CD collective from bandcamp, or wait for its numbered series to start as well. When I quit music altogether in 2013 and started back up in 2017, this is the stuff I was working on when I was discovered posting music in doom boards looking for a free mod to soundtrack and was asked to do a real soundtrack for an upcoming game called Project Warlock.

I hadn't had much experience in real soundtracking yet, except for three games in college I made the music for. Two of which were just tracks that later became part of the Absynthium Collective's 2005 beginnings. The other one was a completely seperate thing with guitar and keyboard, the last of its kind for a long time, called Euphoriac. It was for a game called No Limits Blackjack. Both are available on the website, as well as the other two playable games, Thanatos and Sin Harvest.

When it came to trying to make my own games my only real noteworthy thing was remixing Super Mario Bros levels to be my own in a rom hack, long before Mario Maker became a real thing where anyone could do it. It still wasn't all that hard, because hackers much like Doom had released level editors and did all the hard coding work already. There were also my bad early wads for doom, and still my dream of the future mod currently titled Otherworldly. This mod if ever a thing will have a completely reworked soundtrack, more than likely hours long again, with a reworked plot, large levels, and hopefully a ton of pixel art from my wife once I buy here the right ipad with art software, and begin my game design journey.

Until then, I'll keep at the Noise Vaults series and the Absynthium Collective series as well as Project Warlock II's soundtrack and eventually the last game of the trilogy of Warlock games. I promised even if some AAA company picks me up for some reason, that Buckshot Software will always have me to make their music as long as they wish.

Also included on the Project Warlock 2 OST is Luke Wilson of Absolute Audio. He's a bud from high school that moved out to Tucson, AZ and Oregon for years but came back to Indiana recently, just not as close. He did half the hell theme and the main theme on Project Warlock 1. I needed him in the end and now that I'm labelled the music director hired him for the sequel. He can make metal far superior than I'd ever dream to. My heroes in the game music world are Chris Vrenna, Mick Gordon, Andrew Hulshult, and the one and only Trent Reznor.

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