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Here lies DYBBUK'S DOOM STUFF, home of the classic doom megasite project. It isn't done. The top row is about there but the side menu has only been started. This is here for the general purpose of checking out. If anyone wants to contribute time to this, let me know. Until something changes (I'll update here) this site is a dead construction area that functions as is in a lot of places, such as the megawads page or the alphas and shareware. A lot of areas will be links to more informative or vast versions of what I was probably going to do. It's more like a DOOM internet launch pad.

Here lies MY FAVORITE BANDS. This section will soon house the majority of noteworthy bands I've stumbled across or heard that led to me checking out whole albums. Some included bands with a few full song samples or slightly more if their career is long are Beck, The Dandy Warhols, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Fear Factory, Meat Puppets, The Presidents of the United States of America, and a very large amount more.

Here lies GLITCHTRIP GAME RIOT. This is a DOS-Only gaming megasite with shareware, freeware, and abandonware downloads. It also teaches a lot about very basic DOS Batch Programming to make your own menu system for DOS Games within DOSBox or the actual DOS environment. You can also snag Direct Access 5.1 to use instead, an old abandonware 6-level menu system for literally everything DOS.

Here lies a future experiment known as THE VILLE FORUMS PROJECT. It is an online community project that will probably never be finished but is currently at the one-fourth mark (so who knows, maybe I'll forget its so bare and finish it -- then maybe magically it will become populated?)

Here lies the future BUCKSHOT SOFTWARE OFFICIAL WEBSITE. I will be continuing to work on this for the company to see if it reaches the "good enough" point to be used. I will be maintaining all of the content, as well as linking to twitter feeds so you can be even more kept up to date from different perspectives of different team members.

The first of these links actually goes somewhere at the
moment, and the last goes to a prototype website as well.
The Ville Forums Community Project is only one fourth of the way complete.

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