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This site has been minimalized for the modern-day attention span!. Whether you're here for the Project Warlock soundtrack or to see what else I have made over the years, I've got you covered. Check the news to the left for the latest!

If you have been here before, be sure to hold control and hit F5 to refresh the entire site!

You may listen freely to the tracks on bandcamp as much as you want. You can also purchase individual albums or the full discography at a discount. This will allow you to listen in the free bandcamp app and download unlimited times in any format on a computer.

Soon there will be a flash stick with my full discography and a "best of" sampler first. This will be for cars, computers, consoles, or anything else that plays MP3 files from a flash drive. It also has a large personally-written program/app for windows computers encapsulating the full sorted collection complete with info/descriptions. It'll also have random video and some PDF booklets with random artwork and photos as well as more information!